MCN statement on DACA

MCN remembers we are all interconnected, urges Congress to make DACA policy permanent

The president’s decision to eliminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) by March 2018 will uproot the lives of around 800,000 young people, also known as “dreamers,” who have received temporary work permits and relief from deportation, including over 6,000 in Minnesota. Joining our communities as children, dreamers are living, studying, and working in the only country that is their home. The president’s action creates an uncertain -- and fearful -- future for our DACA neighbors, classmates, and coworkers, while also harming our communities and local economies in Minnesota and across the United States.

“MCN stands with our immigrant community members,” said Rebecca Lucero, MCN’s public policy director. “We at MCN recognize the many who are speaking out and rejecting the attempts to divide us, destroy us, and discriminate against us. We are deeply inspired by those who work towards what Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. described as a ‘beloved community,’ where our diverse and beautiful backgrounds are all deeply interconnected.”

We urge MCN’s members to contact their member of Congress to pass immigration reform that, among other priorities, respects the basic human dignity of immigrants, provides a path to citizenship, keeps families together, and protects the rights of and conditions for workers.

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