Federal Policy Update for the Week of July 24th

Last week, the House Budget Committee approved an FY2018 budget resolution. The budget resolution is a key piece in the Republican strategy to accomplish many of their legislative priorities, including tax reform. The resolution will now move to floor vote in the House. It includes a large boost to defense spending, with deep harmful cuts to programs that provide services to our communities. With billions in cuts, including essential programs like Medicaid and Medicare, these spending priorities undermine the investment in strong, thriving communities. Read Independent Sector’s statement on the budget resolution.


The Senate will be holding a health care vote this week, though it remains unclear what proposal they will be voting on at this time. 


The New York Time editorial board released an op/ed arguing for the importance of the census, which is currently under threat. The census provides crucial information for profits as well as state and local governments.


The President claimed he “got rid of the Johnson Amendment” in a recent interview. Even though that is not accurate, the Johnson Amendment is under threat. There is movement in the House that would prohibit the IRS from investigating potential violations of the Johnson Amendment without notifying Congress. Though this bill still needs to pass a floor vote, and get approval from the Senate, it represents an assault on the nonpartisan status on the nonprofit sector. Read more here.


The Senate Appropriation Committee has also begun its process, releasing the first of their appropriations bills, including Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy and Veterans Affairs.