Protect Health Care, Celebrate Pride!

Are you heading to Pride sometime this weekend?! Of course you are! What a great opportunity to talk to EVERYONE there about the importance of keeping our communities strong and thriving! Use your voice to CALL YOUR FRIENDS in these key states, tell them to call their Senators! 

The flyer is here in .pdf form. Please print, distribute, and share your stories about being young, growing up, and plans to grow old together - healthy as possible with a good healthcare system! (We have a lot of work to do, but let's not go backwards...) 

But, what about after pride? Or, what if you want to focus more on Medicaid specifically because you've read how threats to Medicaid are threats to newborns, seniors, and everyone in-between? We've got you covered there too: 

Thanks for all you're doing, Nonprofits, to speak in support of strong communities and against these dangerous healthcare proposals.