Plan your Week of Action for National Service!

National service programs like AmeriCorps are vital to MN nonprofits’ success! Make sure these programs stay off the chopping block—speak up in support of the Corporation for National and Community Service, AmeriCorps, and Senior Corps. Make sure your Representative and Senators in Congress know the value and impact national service has on the nonprofit sector and communities in Minnesota!

Use your voice to act every day this week in support of national service!

It’s really easy—just follow these instructions:

MONDAY | Call Your Representative

Start off the week by calling your Representative’s district office number. Staff members keep track of how many people call and provide a summary for the representative. It’s super easy—just use this script:

“Hi, my name is … and I live at … (Note: Always identify yourself as a constituent!)

I’m concerned about the President’s budget request to eliminate the Corporation for National and Community Service, AmeriCorps, and Senior Corps. I know how vital national service and the AmeriCorps program is to promoting strong, thriving communities in Minnesota.

(ADD A PERSONAL STORY—why does national service matter to you? See the below for some ideas.)

What does Representative … think about national service? Will s/he prevent cuts?

As a constituent, I strongly encourage Representative … to prevent any cuts to national service programs and support strong, thriving communities in Minnesota. Thank you for your time.”

TUESDAY | Call Senator Amy Klobuchar

612-727-5220 (Metro) / 507-288-5321 (South) / 218-287-2219 (Northwest & Central) / 218-741-9690 (Northeast)

Your MN Senators also have a say in preventing cuts to national service—today, call Senator Amy Klobuchar using the same script as yesterday. Remember to say why national service programs matter to you!

WEDNESDAY | Post on Social Media

Post on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media page with the hashtags #AmeriCorpsWorks, #SaveService, and #LetUsServe! Share a personal story of the impact of national service on your community.

THURSDAY | Call Senator Al Franken

651-221-1016 (St. Paul) / 218-722-2390 (Duluth) / 218-284-8721 (Moorhead) / 507-288-2003 (Rochester)

Don’t forget your other MN Senator—Senator Al Franken—and use what you’ve learned with your other phone calls to tell him why he should oppose any cuts to national service!

FRIDAY | Write a Letter to the Editor

Write a quick letter to the editor (LTE) for your local newspaper to raise the issue to other people’s attention—point out how your community benefits from national service and share a few facts from the back of this page. LTEs are usually under 200 words, and you need to submit the letter on your paper’s website. For tips on writing a LTE, check out our guide.

Congratulations! You used your voice every day this week to share with your legislators why national service matters to you and to communities across Minnesota. To celebrate the five actions you took this week, spread the joy of advocacy by personally inviting five of your friends, neighbors, or family members to follow your lead and speak up for national service! You can tell them how easy it was for you and even share with them this helpful resource.

Prepare to call your legislator!

More impactful than any numbers, your STORY is what matters. Before you take action with your legislators, think about why national service matters to you and what you’d like to share with your legislators about your personal experience with service!

  • What have you seen service corps members do in your community or with your neighbors?
  • If you have completed a service year, how did that impact you and the community you served?
  • How has AmeriCorps increased capacity in your local nonprofit?
  • How does national service speak to your values and the values of our country?

Adding a fact to your personal story helps bring the bigger picture to your legislator. Don’t overwhelm with facts, but it’s good to have one or two to show the broad impact across MN.

  • More than 14,000 people of all ages serve in more than 3,000 locations across MN
  • Nonprofits count on Corps members to increase capacity, directly serve communities, and respond to natural disaster (among other things)
  • A public-private partnership, the Corporation for National and Community Service generated $1.26 billion in outside investment from the private sector in 2016—more than the amount that taxpayers spend to support the program
  • For every $10 spent on AmeriCorps, another $15 is raised from private sources to match government funds
  • Across party lines, Americans overwhelmingly want Congress to invest in national service—polls show that 83 percent of voters (78% R, 90% D) want Congress to maintain or increase federal spending on national service