Budget discussion urgent as FY17 deadline quickly approaches

Congress is just wrapping up their April recess. Once they return, the biggest thing on their agenda is the April 28th deadline looming over the FY17 budget. There is no more funding for the government after April 28 so they need to pass either a full budget to fund the government through FY17 (Sept 30) or pass another continuing resolution. Many nonprofits rely on federal funding and are concerned about what this may mean for them.

No surprise, the biggest asks are going to be around funding to build a wall at the border between Mexico and the United States, defunding planned parenthood, and, especially with increase action in Syria, an increase in military spending. Here’s the thing though, unlike healthcare, they do need 60 votes, so cooperation is required.

Bottom line: a shutdown over FY17 is highly unlikely, as is any sort of major disagreement. Certainly Republicans don’t want to be blamed for a shutdown and there are too many other more important fights looming to prioritize this one. Whether or not they’ll get it together for anything more than a CR is unclear, or any spending cuts, we’ll see! But, I don’t anticipate too many disruptions for nonprofits as part of the FY17 budget process.

As always, it's important to raise your voice, tell your stories, speak from your values and mission. If you have any questions about how to connect with your federal representatives, please check out our advocacy resources page to learn more!