Looking back on 2017

This week, Congress narrowly passed tax legislation that provides permanent long term benefits to profitable corporations, while providing only small, temporary benefits to middle and lower income families.


In the time leading up to the passage of this bill, nonprofits worked hard to make their voices heard, to show our commitment to partnership and community. We saw how powerful we are at key moments throughout this year. Coalitions like This is Medicaid and Protect Our Homes mobilized and showed us that our sector is resourceful and dedicated, demonstrating how we can be a powerful catalyst for change. Together, we preserved healthcare access and successfully defending the Johnson Amendment, reaffirming our sector’s commitment to non partisanship. We also remain at the table for budget talks, positioning our sector has experts and partners.

In the coming year we will have even more opportunities to bring our voices to the table as policymakers continue to move forward on budget bills, immigration, and health care. We are already seeing moves to cut funding for and reduce essential services and programs like SNAP, Medicare and Medicaid through harmful policies bolstered by a tax plan that reinforces inequalities. We will also need to continue our vigilance on importance sector issues such as the Johnson Amendment.

We will be back in the new year to discuss opportunities to lead with our values on all those issues and more to ensure that we collectively build a strong, thriving future.