PRESS STATEMENT: Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) Disappointed at Passage of Harmful Tax Bill


Rebecca Lucero

 Public Policy Director

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits


December 20, 2017


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) Disappointed at Passage of Harmful Tax Bill

This week, Congress passed an irresponsible set of policies when they voted yes on a tax bill that prioritizes benefits to wealthy corporations, rather than long term investment in our communities.

This legislation creates permanent tax cuts to high income earners and large corporations while providing little or temporary benefits for lower and middle income families. This means some members of Congress will push for cuts to federal funding for programs that nonprofits and communities rely on, such as Medicaid and food assistance. These cuts, in combination with a reduction in charitable giving by $20 billion a year through lowered tax incentives creates a perfect storm for Minnesota communities and nonprofits.

“We are incredibly disappointed that Congress decided to take our country in this direction in the face of widespread opposition to this bill from nonprofit leaders and community members,” said Rebecca Lucero, Public Policy Director. “Nonprofits will need to look beyond this moment, and continue our partnership with government and community as we center the work of building a better tomorrow.”

“Minnesota should remain committed to our state’s communities, and protect our state from the harmful effects of this bill. MCN will continue to work with communities and our representatives to make sure policies adopted here in Minnesota continue to prioritize the needs of Minnesotans and their families,” Lucero said.


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