We need your help and your voice today!

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Congress is focusing quite a bit of time on tax cuts primarily benefiting upper income individuals and profitable corporations. While there are several steps they need to work through and there are still a lot of details missing, what’s on the table will require the federal government to provide funding for fewer programs essential to our communities, often times carried out by nonprofit organizations across the country. This would dramatically increase deficits and set in motion deeper cuts to our communities in future years.  

The proposals discussed include cuts to health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and reducing spending in vital programs like SNAP, housing, education, transportation, arts and sciences, and other programs that are essential to growing strong, thriving communities. If these tax cuts being discussed move forward, they will cause serious harm to our communities, and could undermine incentives for charitable giving. 

It’s easy to have your voice heard on this in a powerful way right now! MCN is sending a letter to our Minnesota members of Congress.

Numbers count when trying to get Congress’ attention. Please join with us by adding your name, your organization and your zip code and we will send the letter in the coming days.

Please sign on by end of business, November 3! We have a goal of 300 organizations in the first week – help make it happen!