Senate Approves Budget Plan that calls for huge cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other essential programs.

This week Congress took the next step in getting a budget resolution passed, which would allow them to pursue a tax reform bill that calls for massive spending cuts to essential programs that invest in communities around the country.

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The Senate Budget Resolution will pave the way for fast tracking $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, benefiting primarily the wealthiest Americans and corporations. These cuts will be paid for by reducing spending in health care, assistance programs, and a wide array of federal programs that provide public services and investments such as education, infrastructure and scientific research. Programs like these are vital to nonprofits and the communities we serve.

This comes a few weeks after the House passed a similar resolution in their chamber that contains much of the same alarming language that would benefit corporations and the wealthy and cost the majority of Americans.

In order to fully pass a Budget resolution that could be used to fast track these cuts, the House will have to approve the Senate’s version exactly as it is now, or the two bodies will have to reconcile any differences between their versions. Once the same version is able to pass both chambers, a tax bill could be passed through the Senate without bipartisan support.

These budget resolutions do not reflect the values of the nonprofit community where we believe that strong investments, not cuts, are what move us all forward. There are many more steps to passing a tax bill that contains these cuts. That means that nonprofits have a chance to champion public policy positions that reflect our values and advocate on behalf of themselves and their communities. Let your representatives know that you believe in a budget that supports communities through holistic investment.