Since the implementation of the ACA, the share of Minnesotans without health insurance has reached an all-time low. But the proposed changes being discussed at the federal level this summer would reverse course on these coverage gains. This section is dedicated to discussing proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the dramatic cuts to Medicaid and Medicaid expansion. 

This is an issue that is important to all nonprofit organizations across the sector. 

Loss of Health Care

Proposals include fundamental changes to Medicaid that would greatly reduce federal funding by billions of dollars and shift costs to the states. The result would be the loss of health care for seniors, people with disabilities, children and many other Minnesotans. It would also likely result in lower state reimbursements to our health care providers, hospitals, community health centers and nursing homes, many of which are nonprofits.

Loss of Federal Funding

A loss of federal funding this large also would put pressure on other areas of the state budget, including those where nonprofits partner thoughtfully with policymakers to fund key programs and to leverage additional private funds. Grants, appropriations and bonds that nonprofits receive from the state are at risk if additional state resources are needed to cover some of the loss in federal health care dollars.

Increased Heath Care Costs

In addition, the current proposals would likely result in increased health care costs for those who can least afford it, because it replaces the current system of health care premium subsidies with tax credits that aren’t well targeted by income and aren’t based on the cost of insurance.

These are losses Minnesota cannot afford.

As a nonprofit leader, you know the importance of affordable health care to your community. Our policymakers need to hear that Minnesota nonprofits oppose ACA replacement plans that would reduce health care coverage and raise the cost of health care.

Additional Resources

For more information on how these health care proposals will impact Minnesota, check out the Budget Bites Blog from MCN's Minnesota Budget Project

Proposed Federal Changes to Health Care The U.S. Senate Health Care Bill and the Medicaid Program in Minnesota, MN Department of Human Services

This is Medicaid Coalition

MEDICAID is an important part of health care. Medical Assistance is Minnesota’s publicly-financed and privately-managed insurance available through the federal Medicaid program. It provides vital health services to over a million Minnesotans. One out of every three children in Minnesota is covered by Medicaid, and for many adults, it is often the only route to affordable coverage. 

"This is Medicaid” is a coalition of nonprofit organizations from across Minnesota that formed to protect Medicaid from harmful changes and funding cuts. The organizations advocate for or directly serve people who access health care and supports through Medicaid. 

Follow them on Twitter for updates.