Federal Budget Proposal Tracker

It is important to view the budget holistically – even if one area ends up doing okay, the collective harm to our communities will have larger implications for our organizations. That is why this resource tracks the spending bills, to demonstrate how important constant pressure will be to ensure that productive federal partnerships remain invested in our communities. 

Check back for regular updates. 

Dollar Values represented as billions. 

Current Status for FY18:

There are deep, harmful cuts across the board. There are significant cuts to agencies that provide government assistance programs that help families afford the basics.

 The House approved all 12 spending appropriation bills. The Senate will need to complete its appropriation bills before they can conference. It is unlikely that the Senate will consider the House bill, partially due to threat of sequestration cuts

The House Budget Committee has released budget resolution for FY18 for a floor vote. A budget resolution is needed to move a budget reconciliation process for FY18.  Reconciliation is how the Senate plans to move forward a tax bill.

Next Steps:

A continuing resolution pass been passed that maintains government funding through December. 

The Senate needs to finalize and vote on its own spending bill in order to reconcile with the House version that has passed. 

MCN continues to partner with federal policy makers to achieve a budget that invests in strong, vibrant communities.

Appropriations Committee Key:

! = Subcommittee on Commerce Justice and Science

* = Subcommittee on Labor, Health & Human Services, and Education

^ = Subcommittee on Interior and Environment