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Break out Session: Nonprofits and Federal Policy

All the details nonprofits need on federal policy – what’s actually going on? And why is it so essential that nonprofits engage on federal policy? We’ll walk through the process, where we are on budget, and look at what’s next for tax reform, healthcare changes, civil rights and how it all relates to Minnesota state policy. Of course, we’ll look at how all of this impacts nonprofits and the communities we partner with to collaboratively build strong, thriving communities. Be prepared to get nerdy with terms and charts and some clear next steps for nonprofits! 

Join the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for our 2017 Annual Conference. Hosted in Saint Paul, this year's gathering is the perfect opportunity for professionals from every corner of Minnesota’s robust nonprofit sector to join together, celebrate the sector, learn from one another and prepare for another year. Let's evolve together.

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